Hints, tips and care guide for your locket



What is a floating locket?


A floating charm locket is a stainless steel pendant with clear glass on both sides and opens to reveal a space for adding your floating charms and back plates.

Each 30mm locket can hold up to 8 charms (depending on their size) or 3 of the personalised photo charms and can be opened time and time again to add or remove charms to suit your look.


How do I open my locket?

During shipping your charms or backplate may flip over and you will need to open your locket to correct this.

I offer 3 types of locket which all open differently.


30mm round lockets

Place 2 fingers flat on the front of the glass and twist. Do not twist the ring where the chain is attached or it could snap off.


All heart locket, bracelets, oval locket, moon & stars, rose gold # pattern

These lockets open and close with magnets. To open simply run your finger around the outside and it will pop open.


Teddy bear locket, square locket

This locket has a hinged door in the side of the locket, To open it you will need to pull down on the door with your nail and it will flip out.


What is a floating charm?

 Floating charms are the small individual elements that you can add to your keepsake locket to tell your story. They can vary in size but are approximately 8mm. Floating charms are not like regular charms as in there is no loop to attach them to necklaces or bracelets so cannot be used in jewellery making. Floating charms do exactly as the name suggests and float around inside your locket.


 How many charms can fit in a locket?

As many as you like! Just remember that gravity will drop the charms to the bottom of the locket whilst you wear it so too many and they will sit ontop of each other. A guide to the recomended amount is on the listing.


What is a floating locket back plate?

The locket back plate is a steel 22mm disc (except create your own) that sits in the back of your floating locket and forms a background for your charms to sit on. The back plates will only fit into the round 30mm locket.

The create your own option of back plates are made by me using a clear acetate layer and therefore are not steel.


How do I look after my jewellery?

Avoid water, Please remove prior to showering or entering any body of water as none of my designs are waterproof.

Remove your jewellery before applying any lotions or beauty products.

Lockets can be cleaned using a soft cloth (microfiber works great) to remove any oily residues from fingerprints and polish your locket.

Keyrings are not recommended to use on bunches of keys as the glass can be broken by knocking against them.


How do I order a photo background?

Add the photo background item to your cart along with any other items and check out as normal. If ordering a worded background please email me the words required and any other details you require. If ordering a photo background you will need to email the photo your require. Please note the quality of a photo background will depend on the quality of the orignal image and I may need to crop the photo in order for it to fit into the locket. I will send you a proof of the finished background before posting.


Floating charms are very small and can be a choking hazard. Please keep away from infants and toddlers. Also please take this into consideration when ordering floating lockets and charms for a child of any age. Floating lockets are made of glass and therefore are fragile. Please handle your locket with care.