About Us

How it started....

Firstly, I love how this says about us when its just me! I guess I could change it but ‘us’ just sounds better, and I had best give the hubby a mention as he did build my gorgeous JAC Shack!

Anyway, back to about us (me)….. I started with floating lockets as I love all the different charms and options available to make your own unique piece of jewellery. I got into home wears and gifts by watching Mrs Hinch on Instagram and loved all the labelled decor and storage she had, and of course I wanted it to! but rather than buy it from someone else, I wanted to make it myself and the range grew from there. I now offer personalised gifts for all occassions too 🙂

Our Amazing Team

Its just me….


Chief Creator, Designer, Owner, Dispatch Manager, Tea Maker!